On April 20, 2022, we were contacted about Ace. He was on his way in with one of our partner rescues, Canine Action Project. Ace is approximately 10 weeks old and appears to have a broken hind leg. He will be brought directly to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine to be seen by the amazing team there.

When he is released from the hospital he will go to a loving foster home where he will be loved and given the time to heal before going to his forever home.

Update: To our relief, Ace was released from WCVM on April 20th with a sprain. X-rays show no apparent fractures or breaks. Ace is now enjoying snuggles with his foster family and learning all the things he needs to learn to be a wonderful companion to all.

Update: Ace has healed and found a wonderful, loving home where he is enjoying a very good life.

Please consider making a donation to our Guardians of Hope program where your donations continue to help dogs like Ace. 100 percent of all donations towards this fund goes directly to the animal’s medical expenses for major medical care.

  • Date April 20, 2022
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