Aurora came into New Hope’s care when a partner vet clinic reached out to us to see if we were able to provide her with the help she needed. She had a wound on her left hind limb that was located around the metatarso-phalangeal joint with bone exposure. Her extensor tendons were severed and her nail beds were purple and her digits were cold to the touch. Exploration under sedation revealed no blood flow to the distal portion of the wound.

The vet also did x-rays to check her hips to make sure she would be able to do well after the removal of her hind leg. Once all the tests were done, we knew the best option was for her to have her hind leg amputated. She did great after surgery and is currently in her loving foster home while she heals from the surgery.

Please consider donating to help with Aurora’s medical expenses. All donations to our Guardians of Hope Fund go directly to the medical cost of dogs like Aurora each year.

Update: Aurora found her forever home in February 2020.

  • Date December 29, 2019
  • Tags Alumni