Benson arrived into New Hope’s care after we were contacted through a front line rescuer about a dog that had come in contact with a porcupine. He had been seen immediately for the quills a few days before he arrived to New Hope, but he still had some that were migrating out of his face.

When Benson arrived into our care, he was taken immediately to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. He was lethargic but alert and responsive. The quills were removed from his left eye and multiple sites in his face, some of them were subcutaneous and required opening the skin and pull them out from there. He was discharged later that night and sent home to his loving foster home.

Benson is extremely underweight and his foster home will watch for more migrating quills in the future weeks.

Update: January 6, 2020, Benson found his forever home in the middle of January 2020 shortly after her was cleared for adoption.

Please consider donating to help with Benson’s medical expenses. All donations to our Guardians of Hope Fund go directly to the medical cost of dogs like Benson each year.


  • Date November 4, 2019
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