Boxer was found April 15th in a ditch, covered in mud, suffering from open bite wounds from a dog attack. He arrived in Saskatoon April 16th and is being cared for by the team at U of S – WCVM – Small Animal Clinic.


Boxer has been released from the hospital and is off to his foster home to recover. He had 4 wounds of note, the largest on his head has 5 stitches, a wound on the other side has 1 stitch, and 2 punctures on his chest are not very deep so they’ve been left to heal on their own.

Update: Boxer went for a follow up vet visit on April 22nd. Upon examination they discovered fluid built up in his chest wounds, they felt it would be best to keep Boxer overnight so they could sedate him to further examine those wounds. He was discharged back into his foster families care on the 23rd after the team at Erindale Animal Hospital placed 3 drains into these wounds. He will need further follow up in 4 days.

He has a ways to go before he’ll be up for adoption.

Update: Boxer experienced further medical conditions at the beginning of July including a swollen spleen that did not allow him to meet potential adopters. We are happy to say that he is on the mend and will be ready to meet his forever home soon.

Update: Boxer is medically cleared and ready to meet his forever home.

A final update for this wonderful boy’s story with New Hope. Boxer is now living his very best life in a home that will love him and keep his adventures a lot safer.

Please consider making a donation to our Guardians of Hope program where your donations continue to help dogs like Boxer. 100 percent of all donations towards this fund goes directly to the animal’s medical expenses for major medical care.


  • Date April 16, 2022
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