Brutus came to New Hope in September of 2019 as a transfer from Canine Action Project (CAP). Unfortunately, Brutus came in contact with a porcupine and his owners were told by many of their relatives and friends that cutting the quills would help them fall out on their own. When Brutus’s face continued to swell and get worse, the owner called CAP because they didn’t know what to do and they could not provide him with the care will need. A CAP representative went and picked Brutus up and he received medical care at a veterinarian clinic. Brutus was started on antibiotics and given pain medicine.

He has been seen at a partner veterinarian clinic since his arrival with New Hope to have some additional quills removed. The thing with quills is it can take quite some time for the quills to migrate out of the body. Brutus will likely be making frequent visits to have migrating quills removed.

Please consider donating to help with Brutus’s medical expenses. All donations to our Guardians of Hope Fund go directly to the medical cost of dogs like Brutus each year.

Update: Brutus has been adopted to a loving family, October 2019.

  • Date September 10, 2019
  • Tags Alumni