• Casper's intake photo Oct 27th vs Jan 3rd


Hi everyone, please welcome sweet Casper. This little boy was brought to a partner rescuer on Thursday, October 27th, with a big dog bite on his snout. Thanks to a foster home willing to give this boy the space to heal we were able to get him into Erindale Animal Hospital on Friday. His examination showed more issues than were initially suspected. The bite has broken his little jaw and he is suffering from biting lice. We are all relieved to have his parvovirus test come back negative. He has been referred to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine Dentistry department so they can best help him heal.

Due to the complications with his jaw our friendly boy has remained at the hospital where he is being treated like a little king and stealing hearts in every direction. I am happy to report that he is starting to eat really soft food but remains on IV antibiotics and fluids. His foster home is looking forward to when he’s cleared to go home and heal.

Update: November 5th Casper was finally able to go to his foster home after 8 nights in the care of the wonderful team at Erindale Animal Hospital. He has been fitted with a special muzzle that will continue to stabilize his jaw and allow him to lap up food and water. We are happy to see his progress and to watch his continued healing.

Update: November 16th Casper was seen for a follow up because his foster mom noticed a piece of bone seemed to be sticking out near the surgical site. He needed a second surgery to remove 3 pieces of bone that measured 2.5cm in length, one of which was 1cm wide. The pieces were sent to the lab to check for further infections. Casper is a trooper though and he’s putting on weight and loving life in his foster home. He’s going to make a wonderful family dog when he is done healing.

Update: December 16th Casper was given the all clear to no longer wear the muzzle that was stabilizing his jaw! He still needs to keep it easy and not chew too much but he is moving in the right direction.

Update: January 3rd Casper is healing and now is concentrating on growing. His foster home and medical team are happy to report that he is ready to meet his forever family.

Final Update: Casper has found a warm and loving family and home to call his own. We are so happy for all of them.

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  • Date October 31, 2022
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