Meet Charlie! Charlie arrived at New Hope March 2015! He needed our help because of several porcupine quills in his face and chest, a swollen jaw, and what appeared to be a broken front leg. However, after closer examination, it was discovered that Charlie’s leg was not broken, but likely severely swollen and abscessed due to migrating quills into his shoulder.  Charlie was sedated and had all of the visible quills removed and was treated with antibiotics and pain medication. Charlie is doing GREAT!

Charlie was a shy boy when he arrived but he is slowly coming out of his shell.  He loves being an inside dog now and is living the good life in his foster home!  He is still working on not being so attached to his foster mom, but he is making progress every day!

Update (June 25, 2025): Charlie’s fur is growing back where the quills were removed. Charlie  also had corrective surgery  to prevent his eyelid from curling into his his eye where his eyelashes were causing damage to his cornea (entropion).

Update (Aug 18, 2015): Charlie had another surgery to remove quills but the good news is he is now ready for adoption!!

Update (Nov. 6, 2015 ): Charlie has been adopted and is very loved by his family.  However, he began having diarrhea and 4 more quills were found and removed from his mesentery.  He seems to be doing better than ever now but his owner is monitoring him to ensure he is on the mend.

We were able to help Charlie because of the Guardians of Hope Fund!

  • Date July 26, 2016
  • Tags Alumni