Poor little Cory was found as a stray. Luckily a good Samaritan took pity on the little fellow and took him to the Veterinary Medical Centre at the University of Saskatchewan. New Hope was asked to take on this special boy! It was discovered that this poor little guy is about 10 years old and in pretty bad shape! He was suffering from a number of problems. His teeth were in terrible shape so unfortunately most of them were removed. Don’t worry this does not slow him down, he’s happy to eat now without the pain of his rotten teeth.

Cory also had significant problems with his eyes. This right eye was painful, damaged and non-functioning. His left eye healthy but did have a cataract and he had a functioning retina.

UPDATE: June 18 Cory had surgery to remove the painful non-functioning eye and also cataract surgery to remove the cataract. Cory is recovering well and appreciating having his sight back!

You would not believe how lovely and sweet this little guy is! We know he’s enjoyng the love and attention he is getting now. If you would like to donate to his care, we would be very grateful!

Update: Cory has been dealing with some increased pressure in his eye that underwent cataract surgery.  He is being closely monitored and the pressure has now started to decrease after treatment at the Veterinary Medical Centre.

Update (Sept 20):  Cory has strained his back and has been on crate rest for a few weeks.  He is also on pain medication to make him more comfortable.  On the plus side, his eye seems to be stable for the time being.  Please consider donating to help cover the costs of Cory’s medical expenses.

Update (Sept 26):  Cory is doing really good for now (fingers crossed).  His back has been under control with his meds and we are trying to slowly wean him down to a lower dosage. His eye exam was positive.  He will always need mediation but we hope that his eye will be functional.

Update – Cory’s foster mom decided to adopt Cory!  We are so happy for this sweet little guy!

  • Date July 29, 2016
  • Tags Alumni