On November 10, 2020 we were contacted about Django, a dog that had met a porcupine in the middle of October. Unfortunately he was not able to receive vet care and now has an abscess on his left cheek.

We were able to pick Django up on the morning of November 11 and rush him to the Small Animal Clinic at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine emergency department. They were able to clean out the wound and he was able to go to his loving foster home later that evening. He will need additional appointments to ensure the quills are all removed and the infection is resolved.

Django had a second surgery to remove more quills on November 19. He spent the night at the vet clinic but he was able to return to his loving foster home on November 20. The foster home will continue to watch for more migrating quills.

Update: December 15, 2020 Django has been cleared for adoption. Django has found his forever home.

Please consider donating to our Guardians of Hope fund. 100 percent of all donations towards this fund goes towards the cost of dogs like Django that have a severe medical condition.

  • Date November 11, 2020
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