Poor Fancy had a vaginal prolapse, meaning her vagina was turned inside out. This painful situation is not uncommon during a heat cycle and often will resolve itself. Unfortunately for Fancy, it was not resolving on its own, she had been in this uncomfortable state for close to 2 weeks. When her foster picked her up they said that the smell was unlike anything they had experienced.

She was immediately taken to the Small Animal Clinic at the WCVM where she was seen by the surgical team on May 24th. That same day she was taken for an Ovariectomy spay and a temporary episiorrhaphy. That evening they were happy to report that she was acting much more like the young dog that she is. She was released to the care of her loving foster family on May 25th. She is now relaxing at home and healing up quite well while looking forward to being rid of her cone and being allowed to play with her foster brother. 

Update: Fancy has healed up and is a sweet and loving girl who is ready to find a home to call her own.

Update: Fancy found her people! She is living a good life with good people!

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  • Date June 1, 2023
  • Tags Alumni