Finch was a 7 month old Labrador cross when he was surrendered to New Hope because of elbow dysplasia. The bones in his elbow joint did not grow normally. This condition caused pieces of bone inside the elbow joint to break off causing considerable pain. Finch had surgery on both elbows on April 22, 2014. The abnormal cartilage and bone were removed from his elbows so that, over time, the fibrocartilage will grow and Finch will be able to walk and play without pain. He is recovering well from the surgery and is currently on pain medication while his elbows heal. He still has a way to go in his recovery. He will require 20 weeks of rehab and joint protection medication.
Finch is such a sweetheart who has endured this trial with bravery! Watch for updates on Finch’s progress here!
Please consider donating to help with Finch’s medical expenses. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated in continuing the care of our Guardians of Hope!

UPDATE (May 21): Finch is doing GREAT at his rehab sessions! He’s progressing well, he’s now allowed to go for a short walk and some low impact exercise (like swimming). ¬†He is enjoying being able to play with very little pain and will hopefully soon be pain-free! ¬†Please consider donating to pay for more swimming rehab for Finch!

Update (Sept. 22):  Finch has been dealing with a bacterial infection in his elbow and is currently on antibiotics to hopefully resolve the issue and help ease his pain.  He is still loving his swimming rehab and will hopefully be able to increase his exercise regimen soon!

Update (Nov. 25th 2014):  Finch will be heading back to the WCVM for an elbow recheck.  He has been dealing with some slight pain, due to arthritis, so we are hoping we can better manage his pain with medication.  Despite this minor set back, Finch is happy as ever and still loves to play!

Update (April 1, 2015): Finch is doing well. He still needs some pain medication but that will likely be part of his long-term management. Finch is pretty much ready for adoption!

Update (June 1, 2015): After a over a year in foster care with surgeries and extensive care, this special boy has found his home! His foster parents could not bear to let this boy go!

  • Date July 26, 2016
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