Finn arrived into New Hope on May 1, 2020 after we were contacted by Canine Action Project. He had been attacked by other dogs and had a few lacerations that had been stitched up. He did have a couple of additional health issues, a lump on his neck and a cherry eye that will need to be fixed.

He is currently living in a loving foster home and has been to one of our partner vet clinics. They will be fixing his cherry eye soon and testing is being done to figure out why he has the lump on his neck, they feel it might be something with his salivary gland.

Update Finn had his cherry eye fixed and is waiting for his salivary gland surgery, June 2020.

Final update: Finn has been adopted by a loving family, September 2020.

Donations to the Guardians of Hope program ensures we can continue to help dogs like Finn.

  • Date May 8, 2020
  • Tags Alumni