New Hope was contacted Friday November 13, 2020 through Canine Action Project, her name is Ginny and she is a 3 month old dog that was hit by a car. They immediately took her to a veterinarian to receive care. X-rays were done and no visible breaks in were found in her front right shoulder. The veterinarian thinks it could be soft tissue damage or possibly nerve damage which could repair itself over time but no guarantees. Her back left hip was popped out, with no visible breaks. They were able to pop her hip back in under sedation. She went to a loving foster home that evening.

Update: Ginny is having hip surgery to repair her hip with a Femoral Hip Ostectomy, she is scheduled for November 23 to have it repaired. With the right limb there may be some nerve damage and it may be several months before we know if it improves or if she will have to have it amputated.

Please consider donating to our Guardians of Hope fund, 100 percent all all money donated towards this fund goes directly towards care for Ginny and other dogs that need additional care.

Final Update: Ginny has found herself an amazing forever home, we couldn’t be happier.


  • Date November 13, 2020
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