Joji came to New Hope in July of 2019. He had fallen off a deck and needed surgery to correct a fractured right femur. On July 23, Joji was placed under general anesthesia for a lateral parapatellar arthrotomy. The goal of this surgery is to put the displaced fragments back to place and secure them with screws. Joji also started to engage in rehabilitation work up since July 25 2019.

Joji was discharged on July 26th and is now living with a loving foster home. He will need to continue to do daily rehabilitation exercises and the goal that he makes a full recovery with the use of this leg.

Please consider donating to our Guardian of Hope fund, this allows us to help dogs like Joji each year.

Update: Joji was adopted and will enjoy living the rest of his life with an amazing family.

  • Date July 22, 2019
  • Tags Alumni