July 26th Lemon was seen by our partner vet, Orchard Veterinary Care for her spay and to examine her mouth and hind leg. Turns out that Lemon is built differently than other dogs. All of her incisors and canines have not erupted although they all appear to be there under her gums, and her hips seem to be lined up a little different that leads to her having a different walk.

Lemon will be returning to Orchard on August 10th for a dental as well as a closer look at her hips to ensure that she’s not experiencing any pain.

Update: Lemon is back in her foster home after her appointment at Orchard, dental x-rays show that nearly all of her teeth are present under the gum line, including some puppy teeth, and they are impacted. This makes her case more complicated and she has been referred to the dental clinic at the WCVM Small Animal Clinic. At this time Lemon doesn’t appear to be in any pain or discomfort, but, if left untreated, her teeth will cause damage to her jaw bone.

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  • Date August 5, 2022
  • Tags Guardians of Hope