Leo arrived with New Hope on March 9, 2019, shortly after his arrival his foster identified he was short of breath. He had a routine appointment with a vet clinic and they asked the foster to let them know if it got any worse. He seemed to be doing better, but on April 30th they noticed he was having severe difficulty breathing. he was rushed to the vet clinic where x-rays were done. They immediately referred him to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

Leo’s results showed that there was a diaphragmatic hernia likely on the right side. The stomach still appeared to be in the abdomen.There was a large tear in the right side of his diaphragm, which caused parts of his liver, small intestine, and gallbladder to be in his chest. There was also a moderate amount of fluid in his chest cavity. One of his liver lobes was stuck to one of his right lung lobes. He had surgery to correct his injuries which they believe was likely from being hit by a car before his arrival with New Hope. His surgery went well and he is recovering in his loving foster home. The foster said he is like an entirely different dog since the surgery. Although he will have restricted exercise for 2 months, he is doing amazing.

Update: Leo recovered fantastic and has moved to a loving forever home.

If you would like to donate towards Leo’s medical expenses, please consider donating to our Guardian of Hope fund. This fund goes directly towards Leo’s medical costs and other dogs that join New Hope Dog Rescue’s foster care program that have additional medical care needed during their stay with us.

  • Date May 1, 2019
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