New Hope was contacted about Lex on Saturday June 12, 2021 in the evening after she had been hit by a truck. She needed immediate medical attention. Lex arrived within 3 hours to Saskatoon with 3-2 week old pups. She was directly to the Western College of Veterinary Clinic Emergency Department. X-ray were done an it was discovered she has a pneumothorax and a pelvic fractures.  She also has contusions to her left hind leg with significant swelling, although no injuries have been diagnosed.

She was kept in the ICU until Monday afternoon when she was discharged to a foster home. She will have a follow up on Wednesday June 16, to see how she is doing. The hope is to do crate rest and only allowed outside for short 5 to 10 minute leash walks for bathroom purposes, she may be able to heal without surgery for her pelvic fractures.

Update: August 6, 2021 Lex has found her loving forever home.

Please consider donating to our Guardians of Hope fund. 100 percent of all funds donated to this fund goes directly towards dog’s emergency vet costs for dogs like Lex.

  • Date June 12, 2021
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