Little bear

Little bear

Little bear came to New Hope Dog Rescue April 15, 2016 from another rescue (Strays that Can’t Pay in Manitoba). Little Bear came to us because she was unable to put weight on her left rear leg so it was obvious that she needed help!

As if things could not get any worse for this poor girl, she also developed parvovirus. So poor little bear felt pretty terrible after her surgery. Thankfully the surgery, the supportive care for her parvovirus infection have all helped!!

Little Bear is now vaccinated and spayed and ready for her new home. She was a lucky girl that the deadly parvovirus was caught early and treatment could save her! We are very thankful for that.

You can help dogs just like Little Bear get the help they need. Without New Hope’s help, Little Bear would not get this second chance. Any donation to the Guardian’s of Hope fund makes a different to a dog in need!

  • Date July 29, 2016
  • Tags Alumni