On Thursday, April 7, 2022, a front line rescuer reached out to us with a young dog who was malnourished and injured. He needed to be seen as soon as we could get him into Saskatoon. We didn’t know much more about this boy but a loving foster home offered him a place to rest and recuperate so we were able to get him into the WCVM on Friday afternoon. The kind people who transported him into Saskatoon let us know that this boy was in considerable pain so the hospital could be prepared. The vets at WCVM took x-rays of his chest and pelvic bones and prepared us for the fact that he was most likely going to need surgery on his left ilium. They also found that he had a fracture already healing on his left knee.

Neo was kept at the hospital over the weekend and we were relieved to hear that he most likely will not require the surgery, rather he will be placed on bedrest over the next 6-8 weeks in his foster home. He will require further x-rays as he heals and surgery is still a possibility. We are looking forward to this wonderful boy healing and finding his forever home.

May 17th –  we went into the follow up x-rays with so much hope that the crate rest did what was needed only to be disappointed. Neo requires surgery on his hip, an operation called a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO). The surgeon’s will remove the head and neck of his femur with the goal of restoring pain-free mobility to that hip.

Update – June 7th, Neo had the FHO surgery on his left leg. He is now home with his loving foster family and moving slowly and surely towards a happier and healthier life.

Update – on June 27th Neo started Hydrotherapy at WaterPaws to help him regain strength and mobility in his injured leg. While he likes the water he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it getting so much deeper than the paddling pool at his foster home. Thank you WaterPaws for helping Neo on his journey to a new life.

Update – On July 12th Neo had a follow up with our partners at Orchard Veterinary Care and the results were not what we were hoping for. X-rays taken show that his bones, while healing well from his FHO, are producing normal bony growths that are not lining up normally with his hip. This is causing Neo a lot of pain and discomfort causing him to avoid using this leg as much as possible, In turn his muscles in that leg are wasting despite the best efforts of his loving foster home and the work done at WaterPaws. With this information the decision has been made to give him the best quality of life without the pain by amputating this leg. Neo will be going in for his second surgery on July 20th. Everyone at New Hope want to thank everyone for the care and support that Neo continues to receive.

Final update: We are so happy to share that Neo has found his forever home in time for Christmas!

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  • Date April 11, 2022
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