Meet Rocco, this sweet and affectionate boy came to New Hope via CAP on Oct 17th. He was a CAP client in July when he had been vaccinated and neutered. So it was a surprise to them when he came in not only suffering from meeting a young porcupine but down 13lbs. It was thought that he had met the porcupine on Oct 12th. and seen by a CAP partner vet on Oct 14th and had “a lot” of quills removed.

He’s recovering in a loving foster home who is keeping an eye out for any further porcupine quills and ensuring that he is seen for an apparent ear infection.

Once he’s had a chance to recover Rocco will be eagerly awaiting meeting the family that is ready to be loved by him.

Update: Oct 21st Rocco was taken in to remove more quills. The vet team removed 27 quills on this visit from his paw, shoulder and face.

Update: Oct 31st his foster home noticed that Rocco kept rubbing his face. He was taken back to the team at Erindale Animal Hospital where they removed another 27 quills from his mouth and around his right eye, they also extracted a tooth that was broken and dead. This boy his happily back to doing zoomies around his foster homes back yard.

Update: Nov 10th, yesterday Rocco had another 12 quills removed from his face. We are all hoping that this will be the last of the quills removed from this poor boy.

Update: A persistent swelling near Rocco’s eye that only seemed to be controlled by antibiotics brought him to the team at Orchard Veterinary Care. An ultrasound showed what appeared to be another quill so he went for another surgery on Dec 27th. He has gone off his antibiotics and the swelling has not reappeared. Rocco is truly ready for his forever home!

Update: Oh Rocco, that porcupine really did not want to play with you. Rocco had more quills removed from around his eye on Feb 7th and is now waiting to go for a CT scan in March in hopes to determine if there are more quills around his poor eye.

Update: Rocco has been seen by the internal medicine team at WCVM to see about the cause of the swelling around his eye. The swelling is currently controlled by a small drain tract placed by the caring team at Orchard Veterinary Care.

Update: Rocco has found his loving forever family and is living a great life full of love and joy!

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  • Date October 19, 2022
  • Tags Alumni