Roger was brought to New Hope’s care at the end of January 2023. Roger arrived severely underweight and with unknown injuries to his hind quarters. This sweet boy LOVES people and enjoys meeting other dogs while he is on leash going for walks. Roger had x-rays taken on his spine and both hind legs and he shows signs of osteoarthiritis in his left knee as well as abnormalities in his sacro-iliac joints.  At this time we do not know the long term outlook for Roger and his legs, we are letting him gain weight and muscle in his loving foster home while we wait for him to see the rehab clinic at the WCVM Small Animal Clinic.

In his 2 weeks in care Roger is already gaining weight and settling into a routine with his foster home.

Update: After extensive consultations with the surgical team at the WCVM the hard decision was made. The love that was poured on this sweet boy ensured his final weeks were good ones. We cannot thank the foster homes, rescuer, or vets and their teams enough for taking care of him.

Please consider making a donation to our Guardians of Hope program where your donations continue to help dogs like Roger. 100 percent of all donations towards this fund goes directly to the animal’s medical expenses for major medical care.

  • Date February 21, 2023
  • Tags Alumni