Meet Sheba! She was abandoned but came to New Hope Dog Rescue May 15, 2015. She is approximately 6 years old and is having a bit of a rough go. In August it was discovered that she had a lump on her neck. Unfortunately this was a cancerous tumour called a Thyroid Carcinoma. Sheba had surgery to remove the tumour and the tissue was sent for histopathology.

Update (Aug 20, 2015): The results came back on the lump that was removed from Sheba and unfortunately it’s not good news. The likelihood that her cancel will spread is very high. However. Sheba is lovely, sweet and doing really well. She doesn’t know that anything is wrong. At New Hope we love all our dogs and want them to live a full, happy life no matter what. So to make sure that Sheba (and her foster home) gets to have more time, Sheba will be having radiation therapy to slow the growth and spread of the tumour. We are hoping that this will give her a few more years!

With radiation therapy, 80% of dogs with Thyroid tumours will live one year and 72% will live for 3 years. We are hoping for at least 3!!

Sheba could use your help!! Her treatment will cost $2000 – 3000 and all donations to Sheba contribute 100% to her care!

Update – November 6th, 2015 -Sheba has been doing great!  Her eating has returned since her surgery and her energy levels seem improved.  Her hair loss also seems to have decreased.  Currently we are monitoring her progress and palpitating the area to ensure no further lumps are popping up!  We hope she can continue living the life she so deserves!

Update – June 3, 2016. Sheba continues to do well! We are happy to say that she is enjoying being a “normal” dog. Her lovely foster home continues to provide her with the best of care!

  • Date July 29, 2016
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