Smiley was a stray and came to New Hope Dog Rescue Feb 9, 2016. Smiley was unable to use her left rear leg properly and it was discovered that she had an old fracture of her femoral neck (upper part of her femur near the ball and socket joint of the hip). To help Smiley walk normally and without pain she had surgery to do a “femoral head and neck excision” to remove the broken parts of the femur that were serving no purpose but causing her discomfort. This, along with rehab and exercise, has made a huge difference to Smiley. She can walk, run and play now and you would never know she was ever injured.

In addition to her leg, Smiley also has some sensitivity to food and requires a special diet. She does so well!

Smiley is now available for adoption!! We can’t wait to hear about the next chapter of her life!

Any donation to the Guardian’s of Hope fund makes a different to a dog in need! Smiley got her second chance, please make sure another dog get’s theirs!

  • Date July 29, 2016
  • Tags Alumni