Waylon came into New Hope on May 14, 2020 after an unfortunate meeting with a porcupine. He had had the quills embedded for quite sometime before the owner contacted a front line rescuer. The rescuer quickly contacted New Hope and Waylon was brought into the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon to have the quills removed under sedation.

Waylon’s left eye was severely swollen and with lots of pus discharge seen. The tip of a quill was seen next to the third eye lid of the left eye. The left eye had high intraocular pressure and also presence of corneal ulcer. The vision of left eye was lost as well. He had a large number of fistula (holes) in his nose, muzzle, and on the inside of his mouth (gingiva and inside of the lips- more on the left side). There were 3 abscess seen next to the front teeth, suspected associated with quills.

May 15, 2020 Waylon was seen at our amazing partner Orchard Veterinary Care to have his eye removed. They found an additional 4 quills in his eye, he has a very bad infection in the back of his eye, we are hoping it does not spread to his brain.

Quills are notorious for deeply embedding themselves into and, with time, migrating through body tissues and instigating inflammation or infection at these sites. He will likely need several appointments to remove further migrating quills. He also has 4 fractured incisors that will need to come out when he is feeling better.

Update: Waylon found his forever home in July 2020.

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  • Date May 14, 2020
  • Tags Alumni