This sweet boy came in with what looked like a scratch on his nose just under his eye. Well, it seems to be so much more. The scratch is actually a dog bite that caused a maxillary, or jaw, fracture on the left side. Despite best efforts by the people who had him at first, as well as his first days in foster care there is also an infection that is draining through his nostril.

Chewy is 9 weeks old, and already has stories to tell but his foster home reports that he is a sweet and loving boy who absolutely loves to snuggle. This is good because this boy is on very strict crate rest for the time being, no chew toys and no playing around. He’s also going to be on a soft food diet until his wound has healed up. We are thankful that at this time it does not seem that Chewy will require a muzzle to splint the wound, rather, with proper care and sufficient time he will be back to being a bouncy puppy allowed to chew on all the right toys.

Update: Chewy is healing well, last x-ray shows that he is nearly there. We are hoping that he will be medically cleared for adoption shortly.

Update #2: Chewy has been medically cleared and is ready to love on his forever home.

Update #3: Chewy has found his home and is making his new family smile every day!

Please consider making a donation to our Guardians of Hope program where your donations continue to help dogs like Chewy. 100 percent of all donations towards this fund goes directly to the animal’s medical expenses for major medical care.

  • Date July 27, 2023
  • Tags Alumni