Why Foster?

New Hope Dog Rescue is always in need of loving foster homes!

Here is what our foster families shared with us on why they foster. If you would like to become a foster home, please visit this page.

“We foster for the love of helping pups have a chance in life, for the pleasure they bring to our people we care for, our family and to add joy to our home on a daily basis.

The bond that is quickly formed with a batch of puppies when they realize who their human momma is is so personal and rewarding.

The feeling of loving a momma unconditionally even when they come in with their behaviours they have gained through their life before rescuing such as cupboard climbing, watching every move around her and digging to try and escape a fenced yard to seeing where they are and how they become amazing in so many ways after becoming a mom, raising puppies and then learning how to be a pet is the most remarkable, until you experience it, it’s not really something we can explain. 

Fostering is the craziest whirlwind of emotions, with the support of many people in New Hope as a foster mom I am willing to take on anything. After over 160 dogs, we took the leap into helping a few more needier situations this year including medical tummies, skin issues and bottle babies. New experiences mean new rewards and adds to the exhilarating feeling when they survive and are able to move to their forever homes. It’s a great feeling of a job well done.

Amongst the approximately 70 loads of laundry in an 8 week cycle of a mom and pups, the tears of stress when something isn’t quite right to the smiles, joys and heartfelt feeling of giving a second chance makes it more the worth then all the work it takes to get a family to where they need to be. The paw prints truly leave our hearts full.

When that update comes weeks, months and now 4 years later you know you have made a difference on a human life and a dog life and can’t help but go back for more.”