New Hope was contacted about Danny on November 2, 2020, he had been quilled by a porcupine. We immediately agreed to help him. Unfortunately he was not seen again in the area until 14 days later on November 16, 2020.

We had a volunteer that drove to meet transport in Prince Albert and they took him directly to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine emergency Small Animal Clinic. He is in the ICU at the moment receiving IV fluids and will be sedated later tonight to try to remove as many quills as they can see. Unfortunately it appears the quills were cut off which makes it a much more difficult for the veterinarians to find the migrating quills. Quills can be life threatening they can migrate into vital organs.

Update: February 4, 2021, we have great news to share, Danny found an amazing home to call his own. We are so happy we could help him on his new journey in life.

Please consider donating to our Guardians of Hope Fund. 100 percent of all donations to this fund go directly towards medical costs like Danny’s. The current estimate of his care if $1500.00.

  • Date November 16, 2020
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