Dolly arrived into New Hope’s care at the end of January 2021 as a transfer from a Northern Rescue. She was very close to giving birth to a litter of puppies. The morning she went into labour she was in distress and had to have an emergency c-section. Dolly had 11 beautiful healthy puppies.

About 10 days after Dolly had her c-section, she was not feeling well. It was discovered she had an infection. She was treated for an infection and seemed to get better. Several weeks later she started to show symptoms that she was not feeling well again. She was treated with antibiotics and was cleared for adoption.

In early May, Dolly was not feeling well. She was seen at a partner vet and it was suspected that she has enteritis which is an inflammation of the small intestine and is caused by a wide range of potential problems. She was sent home with medication to see if it would improve her condition.

Dolly did not feel better and on May 18 it was discovered that she had a mass within her bowel. Emergency surgery was performed to remove the mass. Currently we are waiting for results from a biopsy done of the mass.

Please consider donating to our Guardians of Hope fund. 100 percent of all money donated towards this fund goes directly towards animals like Dolly. Without this fund we would be unable to continue to assist dog like her with a new chance on life.

  • Date May 19, 2021
  • Tags Alumni