Remember Ice from last summer? Well he is doing amazing and it is all thanks to the Guardians of Hope program giving him a chance on life.
After Ice turned 1 year in May he went in for a dental consult. It was desperately needed due to his broken jaw he had tooth decay and some teeth were missing. After X-rays we found out Ice needed all his incisors removed and that at least 2 of his canines are impacted. One bottom canine is cracked under the gums and he will need a future surgery to remove that tooth. Late June Ice went through partial dental surgery to get his 7 incisors removed. He is doing so much better now and doesn’t seem to be bothered by his impacted canines. We are waiting until the specialist makes a plan for those teeth and until he is a little older & not so fragile before proceeding with another surgery.
None of this has ever bothered Ice and he is a normal, happy, energetic and loving puppy. His need to chew is unreal for the amount of teeth he has!

I can’t give enough praise to what New Hope’s Guardians of Hope is doing for these dogs with medical needs. They truly give every dog the best chance at life and finding a forever home.

  • Date July 2, 2020
  • Tags Happy Tails