On Oct 17th Lola arrived with what appeared to be a broken leg. She was quite painful and not weight bearing on it.

Her foster home took her into see the caring staff at Orchard Veterinary Care on the 18th where she still showed quite a lot of pain. After completing some x-rays the conclusion came that she did not appear to have any breaks or fractures in her pelvis or leg. She did have an abscess close to her knee that actually went to the bone but did not go into the joint. For now Lola is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, she will be seen again in 2 weeks time to see if she continues to be low to no weight bearing on the affected leg or if it has improved and does not require further intervention.

Lola is resting and recovering with her loving foster home and dreaming about the days ahead with her forever family.

Update: Lola continues to rarely use her leg so the decision has been made to remove the painful limb. Despite the pain she obviously has she continues to be a sweet and loving girl in her foster home.

Update: Well, Lola tried to tell us she wanted to keep her leg, started to use it more and more leading up to her surgery date. She went in to see the kind doctors at Orchard Veterinary Clinic yesterday expecting to come home a limb lighter. Upon the pre-surgery exam something new was felt under her skin along the tibia. After consulting it was decided that they would start with a surgical exploration to see what was under there before removing any limbs – they found 6 quills embedded so deeply, making her poor leg sore and tender. Lola is currently still in possession of 4 legs. She will have a check up in 2 weeks time to see if this was what made her leg so difficult to use, and provided she is healing well we will expect her to be ready for her forever home at that time!

Final update: The quills were definitely the issue with her leg and Lola no longer worries about an amputation. She also found her forever family over the holidays and is busy loving them!

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  • Date October 19, 2022
  • Tags Alumni